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Why Open a Comic Book Store?
We get asked this question a lot.  For us this is not just a business, it's something far more precious.  It's a dream come true.

We are a store owned and operated by two local sisters.  Jessie and I both grew up in Superior.  People are often surprised when they realize two sisters run the store.

I will admit that my love of comics has only happened over the last year, with the opening of the store.  But for my sister, Jessie, comics have been something she has adored since she was young.  My sister is a true lover of all things comic book and all things super hero.

What you might not know is Jessie got sick a couple of years back.  Out of the blue she found out she had stage three cancer.  My family was devastated by the news. We are a strong, close knit family, and our concern was for Jessie getting well, but even more than that we wanted to make sure her spirit stayed strong.

My Mother asked her one day, "if you could do nything, what would you do?"

My sisters answer was simple.  "Open a comic book store."

It had been a dream of Jessie's to open a comic book store.  Since Jessie future was unknown, we decided as a family that we would make that dream come true.  That's how it came about-two local sisters owning and operating a comic bookstore.

Thankfully this year Jessie was told she is now cancer free.  It's a miricle and one that we are so very thankful for.  And as we move forward working hard on this dream of my sister's, we want to thank you as a family for supporting us.

We hope we will be here to share our love of comics and all things super hero with you for many years to come.

Thanks for supporting us!

​-Laura, Store Manager

About Our Team

Jessie (the owner) - is a Huge Nightwing Fan.  She has been collecting comics for about 24 years.  Jessie opened the store in January 2017.  It has been very exciting to see all the interest from here and the neighbouring towns.

Laura (manager) - Jessie's sister, has been attending the Comicon Convention for the past 5 years.  She likes to dress up in cosplay.  Dont be surprised if you see her dressed up on the special events
Ricky - is visiting for the summer and has been helping us out in the store.

Nicki - mostly helps out during the special events.

Come on by to say "Hi"!  We would love to hear what your favorite comic books or characters are.